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Green Initiatives

We are actively doing our part to preserve the natural beauty of Colorado and reduce our environmental impact by offering alternative fuel vehicles. Each year we re-evaluate our eco programs and look for ways to better the environment.

Mountain Limo Reusable Bags
Since 2010 Telluride has banned the use of plastic bags, Mountain Limo has been regularly donating reusable shopping bags to various places in Telluride.  Stop by our counters to get your bag.

Green Fleet
Our eco friendly fleet of cars includes; Mitsubishi Miev electric car, 4 Toyota Highlander SUV’s, and brand new flex fuel SUVs. Call us in advance to request a “green” vehicle.

Complimentary Water
In the past Mountain Limo partnered with Plant it Water to provide our guests with complimentary water. We are currently looking into a new sustainable water initiative for our company.

Eco Driving
To reduce on gas consumption and emissions, our staff practices Ford’s eco driving techniques. The training includes braking and accelerating gradually, driving the recommended speed limit which helps fuel economy, keeping the car tires properly inflated and choosing quality oils with the best viscosity grade.